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Welcome To Texas Advanced Optics

Texas Advanced Optics is a one stop independent manufacturer and supplier of medium and large optics. Backed by 20 years of experience manufacturing large and massive optics, Texas Advanced Optics will efficiently deliver quality products at a competitive price.

We specialize in large precision lenses and mirrors in a variety of substrates, coatings, and shapes. We manufacture curved collimated mirrors used in flight simulators and flat fold mirrors used in large format projection systems. We will custom manufacture the optic you need and provide you with holders and/or mountings as required for your application.

Do you have a big project and need someone on-site? Wherever in the world you are located, our team will travel to you to assist in on-site implementation and restoration.

Whether you want to start with a new piece of glass, a stock item, or refurbish existing optics, we will accommodate your project’s needs. We look forward to working with you to manufacture a quality final product that meets or exceeds your design and quality requirements.



Our capabilities range from grinding and polishing new substrates to restoring existing lenses and mirrors. We specialize in large precision lenses and mirrors from 12 to 36 inches on the diagonal.



* Collimating mirrors
* Wide angle collimating mirrors
* High quality spherical mirrors
* Flat fold mirrors
* Beam splitters

Our Mission


Our task is to deliver the best solution in a timeframe that fits your needs, while providing exceptional customer service and lower cost.


6480 State Hwy. 29 West
Georgetown, Texas 78628

(888) 518-5200